miserable little bastards


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Initially conceived as a side project for drunken-pirate-convict-rock maniacs, Clinkerfield, The Miserable Little Bastards formed in 2008 to showcase their sensitive side.

They perform depression-era show-tunes for the new global recession, providing an emancipation procession against emotional oppression, whilst proving that not much has changed, that nothing ever really changes, and it’d still be nice if we all had a bit more spare change.

They released their debut album, "Misery Loves Company" in 2012 to rave reviews from Melbourne music aficionados and, if the rumors are true, they have a new album in the can, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for its release.

Featuring a swirl of banjos (Andrew Alves), fiddles (Greg Field & Jason Bunn), mandos (Danny Walsh), bass (Matt Quinn) and acoustic guitars (Warwick Dunn), and a chorus of full-blown boys singing along to the rambunctious rambling of ringleader Jimmy Stewart – “a man too young to already be a Melbourne institution” (so says Chris Russell) and too slippery to yet be institutionalised (but, in fact, he has been both of these things at one time or another) – it's a groanin', labourious, cacophonious ordeal, and no-one gets paid enough, and misery just LOVES company!