el gran mono


what you need to know…

Direct from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, picó soundsystem culture has arrived in Australia. Pićo are huge, hand- painted fluorescent speaker stacks, often found blasting tropical music in the poorer neighbourhoods of cities such as Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

El Gran Mono is Melbourne's own picó, painted by the great Colombia soundsystem artist William “ElMaestro” Gutierrez and the first of it's kind in the world to be built outside Colombia.

Now at home in the humble suburb of Reservoir, El Gran Mono is excited to be be part of The Reservoir Stomp with DJs Coco Brown (Bama Lama), Palm-tree Paddy (Ports of Paradise PBS), Johnny el Pajaro (Pićotero de El Gran Mono) and Saca La Mois DJ (Cumbia Cosmonauts).