It all started when…

The concept for the Reservoir Stomp came about after proud “Reza” residents Emma Peel (PBS FM) and Danny Walsh (Danny Walsh Banned) kept bumping into fellow performers at the local IGA. Performers who were just as passionate about their home suburb as they were.

You see, Reservoir is a great place to live. It’s one of the few remaining suburbs in outer Melbourne where you can still buy a homemade cream bun at the cake shop; Where you still get a sense of Australian ‘suburbia’ in all its glory. And for performers, it’s the perfect place to be inspired.

The inaugural Reservoir Stomp took place in 2016. It sold-out three weeks in advance of the event. 2017 did, too. Oh, and so did 2018. Yikes!

The team behind the Stomp is small: Danny, Emma, her sister Sara, and a tight-knit community of volunteers who love their home-suburb, Reservoir (and the Reservoir Stomp, of course).